Whether you want to learn a new language, keep track of your travel expenses or find a hidden gem in a new city, there’s an app for it. We’re so lucky to live in a world where all of this information is available in the palm of our hands and these nifty smartphones certainly come in handy while travelling. Planning a trip is a lot of work but having the right travel apps will eliminate some of the stress and make that process that much easier.

There are so many apps and it can be difficult to figure out what ones work the best. So instead of using all of the space on your phones downloading travel apps, read this list of the top ten travel apps I recommend you download before your next trip.


Hooper app thumbnail

Hooper App

Looking for flights can be one of the most frustrating parts of planning a trip. Prices change almost daily and it’s hard to keep track of prices and compare airlines. This is where Hopper comes in. When you’re planning a trip you need to use Hopper to find the best flight deals. Input your travel plans and Hopper will track the prices and let you know what it is the best time to book your flight. Let them do all of the work for you so you can focus on planning the more exciting parts of your trip.


Packpoint App Thumbnail

Packpoint App

If you’re like me, you probably wait until the last second to pack and end up missing some pretty important items. Trying to figure out what to pack for my 6-month trip was a nightmare but thankfully I found PackPoint. Just put in where you’re traveling to, when you’re travelling and select the activities you’ll be doing and you’ll receive a customized packing list. From there, you can easily go through and check off the items as you go. It’s the best way to prepare for your trip!


Duolingo App Thumbnail

Doulingo App

If you’ve booked your trip ahead of time, why not try to learn the country’s language? I know how difficult learning a new language can be but Duolingo is making it as fun as possible. Travelling to a new place is exciting but sometimes the language barrier can cause some unneeded stress. Trying to read signs, menus, asking for directions or just trying to have a conversation can be very difficult if you don’t understand the language. I highly recommend using Duolingo to learn some key words and phrases so you will have a decent understanding of the language before travelling to a new country.

Google Translate

Google Maps App Thumbnail

Google Maps App

No time to learn a new language? No problem. Download Google Translate and you’ll be able to easily translate on the go. One of my favourite features is the point and translate feature. You can point your smartphone at any text and have it quickly translated for you without having to try to type it in. The app will also listen to a conversation and translate it for you making it easier than ever to travel to a new country without speaking the language.

XE Currency

XE Currency thumbnail

XE Currency

This is the best app for quickly converting currencies on the go. The exchange rates change frequently and XE Currency tracks this so you are always getting the right conversion. This app is especially useful if you’re travelling to multiple countries in one trip and can’t quite keep up with the different conversion rates.


TripIt App Thumbnail

TripIt App

There is nothing worse than searching through your emails or printed papers to find your flight or accommodation information. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve lost a confirmation number in my overloaded inbox. Tripit wants to save you the time searching through your inbox and keep track of all of your flights and accommodations in one place. Forward your confirmation emails or let Tripit access your email and the app will create an itinerary for you. Tripit also understands that things change so they make it easy to make changes to your itinerary along the way.


Mint App Thumbnail

Mint App

Travelling can be expensive and a lot of times it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending. With Mint you can easily organize your finances and keep track of all of your spending during your trips. Before you go on your trip, create a budget in Mint and set up how much you wan to spend on accommodations, food, shopping etc. You link your bank accounts and credit cards to Mint and they will automatically input your transaction into the proper category. Mint will also provide suggestions for you based on your spending and will alert you of any unusual account charges.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger Thumbnail

WhatsApp Messenger App

Keep in touch with your friends and family while travelling with WhatsApp Messenger. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a phone plan that offers great travel coverage, the cost of using your phone while travelling can get really expensive. With WhatsApp you can send messages and make phone calls for free as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection so there’s no need to rack up those roaming charges.


AirBnb App Thumbnail

AirBnb App

Book affordable accommodations and experiences on the go with the Airbnb app. Airbnb is the best way to travel. While I was travelling I stayed in mostly Airbnbs and found the prices as affordable as most of the hostels. You can book private or shared accommodations for any budget. You’ll have access to a kitchen so you can save money and cook your own food and don’t have to worry about those 16-person hostel dorm rooms. Staying in Airbnbs is another great way to meet locals while you’re travelling and I found that most of them offered some really great travel suggestions.

Airbnb isn’t just for accommodations. They released a new feature awhile back called Airbnb Experiences. You can find food tours, hiking tours, DIY gatherings, cultural experiences, excursions and so much more in almost every city. This is a great way to explore a new place or immerse yourself in the culture while meeting some new people. I recommend checking out the experiences offered in the cities you’re visiting and book them well in advance. I looked at quite a few last minute that were fully booked so I missed out.


Sidekix App Thumbnail

Sidekix App

Look for the best coffee shops, restaurants, museums and more around you with the Sidekix app. Put in what you want to see or do and Sidekix will help you set up the best walking route for you. You can build your own routes and save or share them with your friends. This is a great app for travel bloggers who want to share travel guides.