As a great traveler, you need travel wallets. Travel wallets are made from durable materials. They have large pocket space, and can perfectly store important items for you ranging from passport, boarding passes, credit cards, cash and tickets.

With these 12 travel wallets, you are assured of keeping your identity cards and other documents in a safe, easy to use and convenient carrier.

From research, below are some 12 functional, lightweight travel wallets that have the capacity to protect your valuables from getting lost.

Best Travel wallets

If you want to buy a travel wallet, experts say there are basically five sizes and styles you can choose from namely:

  • coin purses
  • passport-sized
  • Bi-fold
  • money clips, and
  • minimalist

Each of these travel wallets comes with different fabrics- canvas, aluminum, carbon fiber, leather, waterproof etc. Amazingly; they are all in ultra slim package.

You will never regret choosing any of these wallets; they have been tested and proven by great travelers over the years. If you browse through the internet, you will read many great reviews posted by users about these wallets.

12 Reliable Travel wallets for all types of travels

There are travel wallets that are specifically designed for every travel. The kind of travel wallet you will need will depend on where you are going. Europe and Australia uses a lot of coins. So, if you are travelling to these places, you will need to buy a travel wallet with a reliable zipper pocket.

But the situation is different in South America, because in South America cash and ATM are used to pay fees. Thus, if you are in South America, try to carry a slim wallet that can contain a reasonable amount of cash or coins.

After an exhaustive research, we have come up with a list of top-end, coin purse, passport-sized, and money clips travel wallets worth buying, and luckily they can be purchased at affordable rates; you don’t have to break the bank to get them:

1 – Nomatics Basic Minimalist wallet

This is a reliable travel wallet designed for savvy travelers and digital nomads. It is a sleek, beautiful, short minimalist wallet you can use anywhere you go.

It is handy, easy to use, simple and highly convenient. Besides keeping coins, ATM cards, and you can keep souvenirs and photos in this wallet. The price is very affordable; you can buy it at any of the retail stores at less than $21.

Nomatics Basic Minimalist wallet

2 – Casmonal Slim minimalist Elastic wallet

This is one of the budget-friendly travel wallets you can use in your next trip. It has a striking resemblance with the normatics basic minimalist travel wallet. This wallet is lightweight, and interesting to use. It is available in different colors and sizes.

Casmonal Slim minimalist Elastic wallet

3 – Tvvek paper Travel wallet

This travel wallet comes in various colors and styles; it is durable and highly elastic. They are capable of lasting many years to come. It comes at a good pricing option. You can package your travel documents in Tvvek paper travel wallet as you go.

Tvvek paper Travel wallet

4 – Filson Passport and card Case

This travel wallet is widely acclaimed by users for its near-legendary outerwear, tough and sturdy bags. It is produced with great quality, and available in different styles, colors and shades of leather. This is one of the best wallets to package your passport and other travel documents in your next foreign and local trips.

Filson Passport and card Case

5 – Tanner Goods Travel Wallet

With this wallet, you can put your passport on one side, and a notebook on the other side plus other relevant supporting documents such as foreign currencies, cards, boarding passes, tickets etc.

Although it comes at a great price, but don’t let it fool you, because you will get multiple return on your investment. Tanner Goods travel wallet will surely give you peace of mind.

Tanner Goods Travel Wallet

6 – Dash Travel Passport wallet

By all standards of evaluation and analysis, Dash travel passport wallet is a great wallet. It has quite a nice space for your passport and up to five cards. It is exclusively designed to suit every travel.

It can fit into your front or back pocket without issues. Dash travel passport wallet is readily available in both pebble and classic leather.

Dash Travel Passport wallet

7 – Piel Executive Travel wallet

Piel executive travel wallet has the capacity to hold your tickets, passports and lots more. Another amazing feature about it is that it comes with a detachable wrist watch. Thus, you will enjoy carrying it around in your upcoming trip.

Piel Executive Travel wallet

8 – Burberry Travel Wallet

This stylish travel wallet comes with vital features such as a removable coin pouch, all-around zip fastening, multiple interior card slots, a hand strap etc. It comes in different sizes and striking ink blue color.

It has plenty room to store your travel documents. Surely, you will feel safe carrying this wallet anywhere you are going.

Burberry Travel Wallet

9 – Busy B Travel wallet

This is a cool and super stylish travel wallet that will keep all your travel documents- boarding passes, travel cards, currency, passports and other accessories safe, and organized. It is manufactured from soft faux leather. It has a good size that can contain other items from friends and family members.

Busy B Travel wallet

10 – Lewis N.Clark Neck Stash Wallet

It has a simple and amazing look. Many travelers have reliably confirmed that this is one of the best travel wallets you can buy. It comes with a RFID Technology, and made of 100% nylon. With RFID technology, your credit cards will be protected from all kinds of identity theft and pick-pocketing.

It is lightweight, and has spaces where you can easily store your travel documents such as small electronic items, passports, credit/debit cards, and lots more.

It can perfectly fit into your front or back pocket without occupying much space. For your next local and international trips, this is one of best wallets to use.

Lewis N.Clark Neck Stash Wallet

11 – Travelambo wallet

If you are looking for a good to look, simple, soft and classy travel wallet, then Travelambo wallet is a suitable option. It is manufactured using traditional tools, and comes with RFID technology.

Therefore, it is best for storing your travel documents namely credit cards, passports, cell phone, pen, tickets, coupon, cash & coins, key holders etc. It is available in 7 unique colors, and styles. This is the most suitable option for women looking for a stylish and slim wallet for their travels.

It has a space that contains up to 3 passports perfectly, and separate pockets for tickets, passports, credit cards, handmade products etc. It is manufactured from an excellent leather material.

Travelambo wallet

12 – Yomo Passport holder/ Neck Travel Wallet

This unique travel wallet is exclusively designed to be spacious and slim. This is a perfect option for travelers that want to travel in style, comfortably and light.

It comes with 5 adjustable pockets that can nicely contain all your travel documents such as passports, cash, cards, camera without bulking or stuffing it.

It is 100% waterproof, simple and handy to use at all times. Yomo Passport holder/ Neck Travel wallet has skin soft lining.

Yomo Passport holder/ Neck Travel Wallet

Final Verdict

As a traveler, it is highly preferable to buy a travel wallet. It will make you to travel light. It can protect your personal belongings. Each of the 12 travel wallets discussed above have similarities and awesome differences.

After an exhaustive research from users, we are pleased to inform you that these wallets have the capacity to keep your passports, currency, tickets, print-outs, and credit credits cards safe. Durability is key- that is why you need to use wallets manufactured from excellent leather material.

You need a good travel wallet that is simple, sturdy and lightweight. So, you need something that will protect your documents as you travel. Whether you are going for a local or foreign trip, ensure you buy a wallet that suits your needs.