Oops! RYANAIR Did It Again

From 1 November 2018, the airline introduces a new carry-on luggage policy.

Yeah, we also think that sucks, but let us clarify something.

The Bad News

You can bring only one small (40x25x20 cm) carry-on bag for free.

Only priority boarding customers can bring a second larger (55x40x20 cm) carry-on bag.

Non-priority customers now need to pay a check-in fee for their larger (55x40x20 cm) bag.

The Good News

The size of the small carry on bag allowance has increased by 40%

The New Rules Explained

You Can F(l)ight Back

Don’t worry! You can always choose to maximise your luggage by taking a bag that meets the New Small Carry-on allowance.

Smart Gear Can Make That Happen

With the 2 innovative backpacks that we are currently developing you can maximise the new under the seat carry-on allowance (40x25x20 cm).

The RyanMax – Two Backpack Choices

1. Carry-on backpack with a tech compartment for a 15″ laptop and tablet, plus a packing compartment.

2. Carry-on backpack with a packing compartment maximising your packing space.

+ Add compressible packing cubes that are made to fit.

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