Travel has changed in recent times. Travelling with a wet/ dry bag for your next trip could be an ideal addition to your travel pack, and will surely help in keeping your gear from being ruined. Most urban and weekend travelers pack virtually everything in their wet/dry bag. This enables them to have a hitch-free trip.

Why anti-microbial matters

Wet/ dry bags will enable you to pack your fancy yoga pants and swimsuit in a perfect format, and thereby keep your luggage safe from stinky, damp and mold odors.

Wet/ dry bags are highly recommended for travelers because they combine anti-fungal, anti-microbial and waterproof sailcloth coating. The wet/ dry bags safeguards your icky, sweaty, damp and soiled stuff and keep everything you are carrying safe.

You need to use wet/ dry bag if you are hanging out in a pool to watch some interesting scenes or wants to get a glimpse of last minute of that interesting vacation experience, or if you are caught up in a vicious cycle of moving between the airport and your bus terminal or if you are travelling with your friends, family or children.

Putting all your travelling items in the wet/ dry bags will be ideal for safe keeping, and ensure that nothing in it will get contaminated.

microbial matters illustrated view from a microscope

Ready for action

We are very much aware that travelling is an important aspect of your life. It could be an enduring experience if you plan it well, and travelling with a solid wet/ dry bag is one of the safest ways of planning it well.

You have so much to learn as you travel. It is always good you live and travel in your terms without issues. Research has shown in clear terms that travelling with wet/ dry bags will keep you ready for action, whether you are covered in the red dirt, or caught in the rain.

You are strongly advised to always go with your wet/ dry bags, and pack those underwear’s, extra socks, dry bathing suit or some things that must absolutely stay dry. Doing these things shows that you have already taken care of the adventure- you can now handle the wet, muddy and dirty as you travel.

women showing multiples bags

Who is in need of a wet/ dry bag?

If you have ever left the confines of your home at any point in life, whether by omission or commission, you must have encountered a gross, icky, slushy, snowy, muddy, stinky, dirty and wet scenario.

Sometimes it happens when you least expect it. It is an inevitable part of the journey you may have to endure. Whatever is the case, carrying a wet/ dry bag will get you covered at all times.

Below are those travelers who are in great need of a wet/ dry bag:

  • urban travelers
  • winter adventurers
  • swimmers
  • beachgoers
  • gym fanatics
  • hikers
  • those travelling with their children
  • athletes
  • adventure seekers
  • backpackers, and
  • everyone

People walking in a beach

Why wet/ dry bag is exceptional?

With wet/ dry bag, you don’t have to worry about that muddy pair of shoes, or your water bottle leaking in your sweatshirt or thinking of the best way to get your wet outfit home safely.

Travelers are happy using it and recommending it to their circles because it is stash-able, easily cleanable, and reusable. To have a smooth-free travel, you are strongly advised to pair it with either of your duffle, the daypack, or outbreak travel backpacks. Travelling with your wet/ dry bag shows you are virtually prepared for anything you may encounter on the way.

Uses of wet/dry bags

Wet/dry bags are specifically designed for your travelling pleasure. They come in handy and contain a lot of travel items such as:

  • Makeup– it has a great storage space for your makeup kits.
  • Travel toiletries– you can use it to store your toiletries like contact solution, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.
  • Trash bag– this is the best place to store your trash while in the car. When you zip it, water or lotion won’t be spilling from the bag. This is one of the strongest reasons why travelers are happy using it.
  • Glove compartment storage- it enables you to store items like ketchup packets, lotion, hand sanitizer, wet wipes for hand washing etc.
  • Swimsuits- this can serve as a travel laundry bag especially if you are travelling with your children or when they are done using the ocean, lake, or public pool or toss their trunks or wet swimsuits into a wet bag.
  • Beach companion– it can help you to store water bottles, and/ or sunscreen if you are caught up in the sandy beaches. It protects your travel items from getting covered in water or sand. It can also keep your cell phones and keys safe.
  • Winter fun- as a traveler, if you are engaged in some winter time activity like go to skiing, building a snowman, sledding or snowboarding. You can simply stash your scarves, hats, gloves in the wet bag. This will prevent it from getting your car wet.
  • Workout clothes- as a traveler, you need to engage in some gym experience; it will help you to stay fit and energetic. When you are done with your gym experience, all you need to do is to put your need-to-be-washed sweaty clothes in a wet bag prior to washing them, so that they won’t contaminate other things.
  • Kitchen- stuff your wet bag with stow things such as bibs, cloth napkins, rags, towels etc.
  • First aid kit- you need to have first aid kit whenever you are traveling. The wet bag is ideal for storing your gauze, creams and bandages etc both when you are in your car or in any interesting destination.
  • Papers- the wet bag will help in keeping papers dry both your workplace briefcase and children’s backpack etc.

Things stored in a dry bag


Travelling is an important part of your life; the more you travel, the more you encounter people and places, the more you learn new cultures and civilizations, and the better you perform. Travelling will make you to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Whether you are travelling with your children, or you want to have a lifetime of fun with your circle of friends and family, you really need to arm yourself with wet/ dry bag, because it will surely guarantee you peace of mind on your adventure.

Travelling with wet/ dry bag shows you are 100% ready for any eventuality that may come along the way. There are many reasons why you will love to use wet/ dry bag in your next trip, but few are some of the awesome points to note. It is:

  • easy to use,
  • antifungal,
  • antimicrobial,
  • stink containing, and
  • waterproof

Make your next travel experience fun and super exciting by going with a wet/ dry bag along with you. We are very optimistic you will never regret doing so, because many travelers have shared having interesting times with these wet/ dry bags, and we are aware you will have a similar or even better experience to share after using it. Wet/ dry bags are exclusively designed for you!