Buying water filtration bottle for your next travels could be fun, and exceptionally helpful. There are multiple reasons why you truly need to be carrying these bottles around, but in this article, we will stick to only few essential points:

  • Travelling with water filtration bottles will save you a lot of money
  • It will surely help you save your environment whether you are travelling on roadways or water. You won’t regret doing this.
  • Water is good for your health; it makes your muscles to move smoothly and as well keep your joint lubricated always.
  • Drinking enough water will help in fighting the jetlag
  • Drinking plenty of water will strengthen your immune system and boost your energy level.
  • Staying hydrated enables you to function at an optimal level.

Why you need one for your next trip

You really need to use water filtration and purification bottle, because there are so many invisible things in the water which your eye cannot see plus the visible gunk in your water. Using water filter will help to transform dirty, muddy water into clearer, cleaner and pretty drinking water.

You need to use a filter whether you are hiking or camping. The filter has the capacity to get rid of all debris, mud and other twigs floating in mountain streams. Never make mistake of believing that a particular seemingly pristine stream you come across in your trip may not be contaminated. Virtually every river, pond and streams are contaminated. Their water needs to be purified before you can drink it.

While travelling, make sure you purify every water before you drink it. The duty of a purifier is to cleanse your water from all forms of bacteria and pathogens; it perfectly works at a microscopic level.

In your next trip, make sure you use a water bottle that has both the filtration and purification features. With this combo device, you will be free from contacting any form of nasty bacteria from the water you drink.

However, it is important to note that not all water bottles have these dual features. So, it is important you use the ones that have both water filtration and purification features.

Top 5 water filtration bottles to buy

1 – Grayl Ultralight purifier bottle

This is a reliable, credible and amazing water purifier of class. Analysts say that it has sexy, innovative and sleek designs. Just fill the interior with any kind of water, and then press it. When this is done, it will slowly purify and filter the water within the next 15 seconds.

Further studies shows that this broad-spectrum filter is 99.99% effective against all forms of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts. Grayl ultralight purifier bottle can purify your water from all kinds of pathogens, sediments and remove sour tasting chemicals. This product can be purchased at a minimum price of $60.

Price of filter replacement

Tap water filter: $29.95 for 2 pack, and

Purification filter: $25

Speed of filtration

It takes an average of 15-18 seconds to properly filter and purify your water.


Many travelers have confirmed that this is one of the best water bottle purifier and filter you should use as you travel, especially if you are travelling to developing nations due to its amazing dual features. More so, it is highly durable, simple and easy to use.

Grayl Ultralight purifier bottle

2 – Lifesaver Bottle Ultra Filtration

Originally, this water bottle filter was developed to filter water for people living in developing countries, especially those who don’t have access to clean water. Today, avid travelers have incorporated it as one of the best water filters to use in their travels.

It has a simple design, easy to use, highly convenient and the equipment is reasonably robust, and highly durable. Keep in mind that it is relatively heavy, weighing about 625g when empty. Thus, this may not be ideal to use if you are an ultra-lightweight traveler. This product is easy to use, and simple to use.

This is an amazing filtration and purification combo device that removes all forms of fungi, parasites, cysts, viruses, bacteria and waterborne pathogens without using any chemicals. Ideal for all types of travels. It doesn’t use any UV light, power or batteries. Cost of Filter replacement is $87. Lifesaver filter can treat up to 6,000 liters of water.

Lifesaver Bottle Ultra Filtration

3 – Larq Bottle ($99)

This is one of the highly competitive water purifiers to use in your travels. It is classy and curvy. It has the capacity to purify your water perfectly without requiring any cleaning or battery to function.

Studies shows that Larq water bottle purifier neutralizes about 99.99% of viruses and 99.99% of bacteria. It is effective in combating pathogens, salmonella, e-coli, and staph.

Speed of filtration

It takes a maximum of 60 seconds to purify your water.


On its own, Larq activates the UV-C light on it every 4 hours, thereby making sure that no contaminants inside it will multiply, even if you are not there to manually press the button.

Larq Bottle

4 – Oko H2O advanced filtration water bottle

This water bottle is exclusively designed to filter bacteria and fungi in water. Research has proven that it removes up to 90% of cryptosporidium, giardia, and e-coli in water sources.

Many users have reviewed this product online. Overall, it is a good water filter to use any day anytime. Cost of filter replacement is $12. It has a dishwasher-safe, so the user can actually scrub its interior without issues.

Oko H2O advanced filtration water bottle

5 – Clearly filtered ($50)

Clearly filtered is acclaimed as one of the most robust tap water filtration available at the moment in the marketplace. It removes about 99.99% of contaminants and chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, mercury, lead and fluoride.

Therefore, if you are travelling in any of the developing nations where you may have issues with the taste of tap water, then you are strongly advised to use this filtration bottle along with you.

While hiking or camping you may have a need to drink water and may likely come across rivers, streams or ponds. When this happens, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, because travelling with this filter will be a huge plus.

It has an amazing speed of filtration; It can filter the water instantly and within few seconds, the water will be ready to be consumed. It is durable, easy to drink from and easy to clean. Cost of filter replacement is just $25.

Clearly filtered

Which water filtration bottle to buy?

In this article, we have discussed 5 best water filtration and purification bottles that will make your next trip fun, and pleasing namely Grayl, lifesaver bottle ultra filtration, Larq, Oko H2o, and clearly filtered. You deserve to drink clean water as you travel. Even if you are travelling to remotest part of developing nations, you can be rest assured that if you carry any of these water bottles, drinking clean water won’t be a challenge.

Each of the water purifiers and filters discussed above are distinctively unique. Over the years, we are happy to confirm that they have been tested, proven and trusted. They are durable, easy to use, affordable, and effective. Take time to choose the one that is suitable for your budget and trip.

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